Wednesday, March 27, 2013

kitchen update

Up date on the kitchen:

the plan was to rip up the old floor and put in some kind of tile well.....
 Under that horrible ugly red/painted white and blue floor was.......
 original perfect condition hardwood!  so now we are changing plans and going to sand, stain and finish them

We ordered our cabnets and started taking out the old.
so as of now all our groceries and dishes are sitting in the dinning room
 We sanded the walls and put in our new screen door. now we are just waiting for the cabnets and then we can get moving again. but in the mean time my husband finally got rid of his pink walls in the computer room and replaced them with a calming yet professional green color paint. at least that's the color  we think it is :)

 this whole remodeling adventure is a long process and at times I feel like my husband's perfectionist side is going to be the death of me. BUT I wouldn't want to do it with anyone else. we are having fun and learning and growing and making our house our home.

hopefully next time I update more things will actually be done :P that's just my non-perfectionist side and a tint of my impatient side coming out

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