Monday, November 14, 2011

things that could have gone wrong

Today I am VERY thankful for things that could have gone wrong but by the grace of God they didn't.
I am thankful that I woke up today in my bed instead of a hospital.
I am thankful that the little girl in the other car only needs a few stitches instead of a casket
I am thankful that I was driving alone instead of a car full of babies.
I am thankful for the police officer that was driving behind us instead of having to wait on emergency response
I am thankful for the stranger that held my hand on the sidewalk instead of being alone
I am thankful for my husbands support instead of lecturing me about my driving
I am thankful for the rosary I keep on my rear view mirror instead of questioning where God was.
I am thankful for the extra pillow Julia gave me to sleep with instead of my flat one.
I am thankful for having insurance instead of being stressed out about money.
I am thankful for getting another day to make sure my family knows I love them.

I was not setting a good example and I am very embarrassed about thestupid choices I made last night. I was talking on my cell phone not paying full attention. the wind was blowing and it must of turned the green light towards me making me believe I could go. An oncoming car t-boned my drivers side. my car is more than likely totaled but I am thankful!

this is the only picture I have of my car. it was taken when we pulled out of the driveway on our way to see my brother Gage at boot camp graduation.

I am thankful for Gods silly humor :)

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