Wednesday, November 23, 2011

was it my choice?

While I was in Africa I did start to get home-sick. I missed my girls and my husband so much and I think I talked about them so much through out the trip I might of aggravated some of my Uganda family members :) Someone asked me "how old were you when you had Julia?"
I laughed and said well I didn't actually HAVE her but I became her mommy when I was 18."
I told them the story about how I had plans of joining the Air Force. I was all set to go when I man walked into the grocery store i worked at and changed my life forever!
Kim the lady in charge of our trip said something to me that i will never forget and has changed the way i look at my life. she said "God had plans for you and you are right were you are supposed to be."
I always blamed myself for my choice not to stay the military I sometimes I think about how things could have been. But now i think about what I would have missed out on if I did continue with MY plan instead of GOD'S plan.

I am thankful for Gods plan for my life!

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