Wednesday, December 7, 2011

making it up to you

Well our fingers being crossed has not helped! The website is still giving me issues when I try to post pictures!!!!! This makes me sad! I really would like to show you our Christmas list we made using magazines and markers. Also the wreath we made out of hand prints of each of my children and my part time children (the ones i baby sit) or the Christmas parade we went to. Then there's the Christmas book we read and the Pin the nose on Rudolf game me and Julia created! All super cute pictures and fun memories we made. But when it comes to internet errors and getting messages saying "we are sorry for the difficulties. we will continue to work on a solution" I guess it's out of my control :(


I have not even started Christmas shopping!!! This is actually typical of me and my husband. we love to do our shopping together and make a date night out of it. We get dinner and enjoy picking out presents for our family. It's a nice quiet time for mommy and daddy.

Well I thought in light of all this error problems I have been having with posting pictures I would share with everyone a special deal I got from a great lady that saves me TONS of money all the time! Her name is Lanette and she host the blog
I love going to her site and looking up all her deals she gets because shes from Ohio and she shops at the same stores I do.
Well today she posted a coupon where you just print it off simple and easy. This coupon allows you to save $10 at Target when you spend $50!
here is the link:


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