Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas Pictures

The website is still acting a little funny but I miss writing so I am going to work around the little quarks and share some pictures and Holiday fun!

We have been busy checking off our Christmas Calender and counting down the days till Jesus Birthday! My girls are so excited! Everyday has been full of crafts, field trips, and Christmas theme games and snacks! But My favorite day on the countdown is When we take our Christmas pictures!

like I said earlier I used to work at sears and I LOVED getting clients that wanted to take silly Christmas pictures! They wanted to put a twist on the traditional family portrait. Those were always my favorite! Then it hit me why don't I just do that with my family too! These are becoming my favorite family pictures because it really shows our personality and what it's like in our house!

Then I found this idea off of Pintrest and had to try it out!

Then after taking our pictures i found out some pretty life changing news!

We were not planning for this to happen yet but like in this post I have to remember it's not MY plan it's GOD'S plan. So typical me, I was nervous and stressing out about it but my husband said "God only gives you what you can handle and we will find a way to make it work." then after I told my grandma she said to me "There is no reason NOT to be happy about it!" So I am going to choose to no worry about the timing of this and instead be excited because after all Babies are Gifts and I am thankful for my Gifts!

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