Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Elmo and Belle

I think my daughter is in love!

Everyday she watches Sesame Street waiting patently with her Elmo doll sitting next to her for the last ten minutes of the show when 'Elmo's world' comes on. she then rocks back and forth singing "dadadad dadadada memmmoo!" she then screams and jumps and breaths really heavily almost giving herself a panic attack over this fuzzy little red monster.
This Elmo phase is brand new to me. The Julia had her favorite shows but never like this!

One day at the library Belle was not being patient while i was looking for a good book to check out. I happened across this book with her favorite thing in the world pictured on the front. i handed it to her to look at and keep quite while mommy finishes.

After we got home and unloaded the car i noticed I had accidentally checked out the Elmo book:

I started reading it and seriously couldn't put it down! I never in a million years would guess that an African American grown man was the person behind that three year old red monster that talks in third person! it was such a great inspiring book and actually taught me a lot about being a parent!

When Kevin Clash told his mom and dad he was interested in puppets they were supportive. they never pushed him into playing football or telling him his interest were not manly. they instead taught him how to sew and create puppets drove him to local shows and build him a stage. They knew their son was happy in his hobby and one day in high school they helped him go to New York and help out with the sesame street puppets at the Macy's day parade! Kevin eventually got a job with Jim Henson and found a little red fuzzy puppet in the storage room he got it out and started playing around with him. Elmo was born!

You have to be supportive in your child's hobbies and dreams. even if it's just a phase. Julia is always creating dresses and new accessories for me to try on. if I am in the middle of dinner or changing a diaper I always think about if Kevin's mom told him she was too busy to help him there is a chance that Elmo would not have existed, and that would be a tragedy in the eyes of my Miss Belle.

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