Monday, December 19, 2011

O christmas tree

Thats right! My beloved 14 year old Christmas tree that was missing a few limb has been KILLED!

OK it's really not that important to me. I was more concerned about my little Korben hurting himself. I tried everything to keep him NOT interested in the tree but he's FAST and STRONG! I decided we needed to make the choice and get rid of it.

I was finding a way to deal with the fact that we might not have a Christmas tree
this year. When I walked into the house last night after work Standing tall was a brand new 7 foot tall perfect Christmas tree!!! The best part is it has all it's legs so it is sturdy enough to withstand an 8 month old.

I was so happy I stayed up an extra hour later just to sit there dreaming of all the new ornaments I will need to get to cover this massive thing!!!!!!


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