Monday, February 20, 2012

things could still be worse

I woke up Friday feeling excited but not looking forward to the day ahead. does that make sense?
Well I had every right to feel that way! I was finally getting a van!!!!!! But the 2 hour drive that turned into a 7 hour drive, 3 kids complaining, car overheating 3 times, arguing with the dealership, having to leave my husband at a sketchy mom and pop shop to get the new car repaired, missing craft night with my best friend, and sore bum after all that driving was what I was So not wanting my day to go like! It was a nightmare!
The whole ride home the kids were getting rightfully stressed out and tiered of the car. I tried to be positive and tell them "things could always be worse!"
Austin says "no they couldn't!"
"You could be homeless, really sick, and just peed your pants and things could still be worse."
"I don't think things could be worse than that."

in the end it wasn't all bad I had a surprise steak dinner at my aunts house and then I got the phone call that my husband was on his was home and the van was running perfect now! Yeah My Van is perfect! I have officially crossed into the mommy world now!

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