Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday

Since today is fat Tuesday I wanted to share with you ALL the wonderful food we ate while in Africa! That is probably the most asked question. what did you eat?

First of all I am a very picky eater and I was nervous I wouldn't like anything they had to offer us. I had herd about the fruit being the best tasting fruit in the world and I was excited about that. But I am not a veggie person and I was nervous about the meat. would we be eating snakes and lions? bugs?

Breakfast: not a common meal time for most Ugandans. luckily some of us had packed some instant coffee and hot chocolate, cereal bears and instant oatmeal. (I am picky but I can't skip Breakfast!)
Lunch and dinner: We had a mixture of pinapple, mangos, rice, pasta, potaotes, beef, and chicken. matoke (boiled and mashed green banana) maize and Cassava

The largest Grocery store close by! it was no where close to a super Walmart!

Our Kitchen staff was amazing! They worked their butts off everyday to cook us so much food everyday! They were told us Americans eat a lot! so they kept cooking! we told them for future trips they don't have to work that hard!
For drinks they had bottled water, coke, sprite, Bell beer, and a local favorite was a little like grape flavored Dr. Pepper they called Mirinda.
They made us some mango flavored koolaid......
But by far my favorite meal was the Roasted PORK!!!!!!!!!!!! o it was so yummy I just couldn't stop eating!
Yes all Three of those plates were mine! Everyone told me before my trip I was going to loose a lot of weight while I was in Africa but I don't think any of us did! We truly were treated like Kings and Queens!

I hope you dont PIG out too much on fat tuesday- hahahaha :) I laugh at my own jokes lol

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