Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Stay at home mommy's lunch break

Things have been normal around here. (if that's possible) But I wanted to share a little glimpse into what normal loos like for me :)

Around 11:30 all three babies start getting hungry and when I mean hungry they all stand at the baby gate screaming at me in the kitchen cooking lunch. demanding me to hurry up! My husband was upstairs in th bedroom trying to hide from all the crying. I have a better tolerance for crying. but then again I guess most mom do.
fast forward an hour and all three babies and my husband had a full belly and were laying down to take naps. I saw my moment to clock out and take a break myself! so I went into the computer room and started catching up on my favorite blogs!
I noticed something moving across the street
It was a dog! eating the neighbors garbage and leaving a mess in her yard!
I borrowed some of Jerky's dog treats and noticed he was wearing a color with a tag! I walked the litter bug to his home. I was thinking to myself I couldn't leave all the trash to be carried away by the wind so I had to clean it up. I grabbed a garbage bag and some gloves and got to work.

Wouldn't you know it as I was walking back up our steps after cleaning everything up the garbage truck pulled into my street. I laughed and opened the door only to hear three babies telling me my lunch break was over! Back to work!!

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