Thursday, February 23, 2012

1st offical belly pic

I have tons of maternity picture ideas racing through my head. I just wanted to get a little bigger in the belly area before I really started taking the pictures. I have a weird phobia that I look really fat an not pregnant. but the doctor thinks that I am a lot farther along than we originally thought. so they scheduled my ultrasound this week to find out for sure!

I got this idea for a picture on a onsie I saw for a newborn that had a picture of Iowa and said made in Iowa. I thought how cute if I colored a stamp on my belly that said made in Ohio.
(were we live)

It took me a little bit to get it perfect but I was happy with the end result! Now I have to talk my husband into doing the next pregnancy picture idea. If i can get him to do it I think it will be my new favorite picture of our family!!!!! I will post it as soon as I take it!

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