Wednesday, March 28, 2012

class party


The Julia is on Spring Break this week! which means last Friday we had another class party to throw! We played Easter Bingo and watched Cat in the Hat. I also passed around little kits to make Dirt pudding!
(I am not sure why the pictures are not in the right order!?)
I gave each child a gummy worm and an Oreo cookie,

We smashed the Oreo Cookie in a baggie:

 Then came the pudding

We arranged the "dirt" added the worms and topped it off with an Easter bunny!
The 25 first graders LOVED it! 
I have loved planing these parties for my daughter's class, but there's a lot of pressure. Each time there's a party I get a little nervous and my mind goes blank about what we will play, craft, or eat!
I panic a little and go Google crazy about all the ideas out there.I probably stress over it a little too much. I mean they are first graders. Gosh I can't even remember every class party I had growing up so I am sure they wont either.  But I just want Julia to have a good time and feel special because she knows how hard her mommy works to put the party together for her and her friends. 
I know a time will come when She will be embarrassed about the thought of me coming to her school. She will beg me to drop her off a block away so she wont be seen with her MOM! She will roll her eyes when I ask if I can be the chaperone to her field trips. So I want to soak in ever smile, every hug, every excited cheer of my name as I walk into that classroom with all the goodies in hand for another class party!

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