Saturday, April 28, 2012

my reading list :)

Sorry about not posting yesterday again I have a very grump one year old with another double ear infection!!!:(
 Today is the day Richard is coming into town!!!!! I can't wait to see all my Uganda family and eat a traditional American Thanksgiving dinner tonight! (that through Julia for a loop, she why thanksgiving in spring?)

Since I have a super busy weekend ahead of me I thought I would give you some links to read other blogs that I love and seriously feel like a stalker because I cant get enough of these ladies and their stories! 

1. My favorite blog : ashley ann
she has amazing photography of her kids and everyday life. I love hearing about her jurney to adopting a little one from china!

2. Enjoying the small things
Another mommy that's a great photographer. I love reading about ther littlest one Nella. so cute!

3. Whatever
I love this lady's house! her decorations and craft projects are so colorful and happy! love it!!

Seriously these parents are so inspirational in the fact hat they are taking life day by day and living each one to the fullest for their daughter! sooo sweet!

5. I will carry you
 My momma actually introduced me to this one and I can't stop thinking about this picture of her mommy after she gave birth to her daughter. she was praying out loud for god to help her live! amazing!!

Have fun!
tons of pictures and stories about Richards visit to come!!!! I have to go get ready now :)
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