Thursday, April 26, 2012


I have told you about my mommy moments where I am completely stressed out and feel like all I do all day is yell! Julia is the most spirited child I have ever met! She is always full of energy and loves to keep me on my toes! One day me and Brian were talking about how Miss Belle is so sweet and caring and how it's almost like she is already training herself for mommy hood.Julia chimed in
 "You don't think I will be a good mommy?"
(she does this a lo.! always feeling like if we compliment someone else it means she doesn't have those qualities.) 
We explained to her that she will make a great mommy! We feel like Julia has a different personality. Belle is sweet and sensitive, Julia is strong will and likes to be in control. There is nothing wrong with her qualities and they don't make her better or worse than her sister.

I have been trying to change up the punishments for when she does act out. I felt like my house was becoming a jail and very one was fighting all the time. So after I caught The Julia not helping with her chores I sent her outside to collect all the helicopters in my front yard and put them in a box.
 Of course after I felt she had been out there long enough. We had a talk about responsibility and pitching in to help keep our house running smooth. She apologized and then asked if she should throw the Helicopters in the garbage. I said "no, toss them in the air!"

                                                          I love being her mommy!
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