Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Soap isle

When you are at the grocery store do you ever notice how the body wash is in a separate location from all the other personal hygiene products? Doesn't that drive you nuts?! Well not me! 

You see it was my senior year of high school and I was working at the local grocery store on a slow day. A boy walked up to me and asked me what isle the soap would be in. I noticed right away how cute and confident he was in himself. I got the feeling he was going to try to flirt with me but he never did. I pointed him in that direction and then turned back to my friend to continue talking about prom.
A few minutes later the boy was back and asked if I could ring him out. he fallowed me to my register. we made small talk and then he put his purchases into a bag. He started to walk out and then stopped. turned around and asked "would you like to see a movie with me sometime? or get something to eat?"
I smiled and said yes. I took his receipt  and wrote my name and number on it. 
That receipt is now framed and hanging on my wall.

 You see seven years ago today I met my husband!
These are a few pictures of our first few years  of dating. It so funny to see how little we look. I still had braces in the first one. and Brian went through a mustache phase. (I was not a fan of it so that didn't last long)

  all because some genius  thought it would make perfect sense to put the body wash in the same isle as the laundry detergent!
Happy anniversary to my old man!
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