Monday, June 11, 2012

knots of love

Julia and I have been working on about one or two art projects a week now. It's been one of her favorite things to do and I have fun looking up new ideas and spending real quality one on one time with her.
Last week we worked on a plague. First we found a word we liked, printed it out and taped the paper to a board. Then at every corner we hammered a nail.
 After all the nails were in place we ripped the paper off.
 This part was tricky. Julia tied a knot on one nail and then began wrapping the string around all the nails to form the letters. (the string kept wanting to slip off the nails so we had to pull tight.)
 I haven't quite found the perfect home for our new plague but really you could but LOVE in any room......... yeah that was cheesy lol

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