Tuesday, June 12, 2012


Yesterday we spend the day at the Zoo! (told you a real trip to the zoo was coming)

                        After a few posed pictures the Girls took off! They were super excited!!!

  we decorated Belle's nursery in Monkeys so go figure her favorite part of the Zoo was all the monkeys:

 Then it was time to see the other animals and she gave me her evil face.........
 She always makes these faces at people for random reasons but I have found if you give her a look back she always cracks a smile. She's really the biggest sweetheart I swear!
"Bye-bye monkey!"

 It was nap time......
 So I put her in the stroller and we walked to the playground and let Julia play until Daddy got off work and met us at the train station.

 Then it was off to get Julia's award for being on Honor Roll all year long! The Cincinnati Bengals players were there to pass out awards and take pictures.

 Mommy and Daddy are so proud of you for working so hard!

 O yeah and of course I had to find a good place for another Pregnancy picture.... Julia's getting really good at photography :)

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