Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I want rainbows

1 year
  2 years old
 3 years old
 4 years old
 5 years old
 6 years old
 Today The Julia is turning 7! She asked me if this year we could have rainbows in her birthday pictures. I told her I will figure out a way. But had no clue how I could do that.....
Then it came to me, a candy store! there is all kinds of colors at the candy store! So off we went camera and all....

 Julia has grown up so fast! she is outgoing and strong willed. she has such a personality and everyone can't help but fall in love with. She's smart! she sees through every trick or white lie anyone tells her. She's funny and creative. She meets friends everywhere we go and has the memory of an elephant! She's beautiful and has a big heart. She wants to be a fashion designer or a teacher or a nurse or a singer, she can never make up her mind! I tell her all the time that I wish I was more like her sometimes. I am a fallower and sometimes feel like people walk all over me but Never The Julia! She stands up for her self and is confident . I love her!
 Happy Birthday!

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