Friday, July 6, 2012


I have been trying really hard to paint as much as I can before baby arrives. time is winding down and I still have so much to do but no energy to do it. I did get the upstairs bathroom complete! 
here is the before shot. the wallpaper on the top half of the walls that the previous owners painted over top of and now the wall paper was then pealing back. it desperately needed to be taken down and painted!
 I didn't want anything to crazy in the bathroom since this is basically the whole family share this bathroom. (we do have another on th emain floor but the tub and sink are not working as of right now. another thing to add to the list of things to do when buying a house in the middle of renovations!) So I went with white and light purple. I love how clean and bright it all looks together!
 on top of painting almost everyroom in my house I have decided to attempt potty training! Lets just say miss Belle is more interested in playing than actually going potty. I would LOVE any suggestions in this department. she doesn't seem to understand.
*side note* I know she is going to hate me for posting pictures of her on the potty but seriously she's just too cute NOT to and isn't that part of the job description when you become a mom? I have to post embarrassing pictures!

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