Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Killing Sponge Bob

I hate sponge bob! not really it's nothing personal I just hated how the Julia seemed to revolve her life around this cartoon! she would choose him over her friends or playing outside. plus hearing his squeaky loud annoying laugh every minute of the day was just about to send me to a mental ward!!!!!.
(maybe its a little personal)
my husband and I agreed to get rid of cable about a year and a half ago. I thought it would be hard on all of us but now I see how much a waste it really was. all that money and time spent in front of the TV and getting nothing in return except nightmares of a stupid sponge flipping burgers! So glad we put a stop to it.
Like I said before the girls still get to watch two cartoons a day and sometimes I do expand that for a movie I like to watch my days of our lives and the news but after that we turn it off and listen to the radio while we do arts and crafts or just play in the toy room. Then after supper we watch Wheel of fortune together then its more play time and at 8 o'clock time for baths and getting ready for bed
On this day I wanted to make pillows for our couch. I hardly ever buy fabric. usually I use old clothes or  curtains or just scrap fabric laying around. I started sewing and made 4 different pillows only problem I needed stuffing..............

 I think I got a little too much enjoyment in cutting him up to use his insides :)
 But his loss is my gain look how pretty they turned out!
 Miss Belle wanted to show you how she sleeps on them..... she's a funny one :P

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