Wednesday, July 25, 2012

our littlest princess

I have been seeing those super cute lace crowns all over Pinterest! I had to make one!
 Best part the all supplies, I had on hand! I really haven't been brave enough yet to venture out on my own with all three of my girls just yet.

any way I cut up a piece of lace in the shape of a crown:
 Dipped it in home made modge podge
 Next I set it on some wax paper and a cookie sheet and let it cook on low for about ten minutes. or until the glue was set. (this is to help stiffen the lace)
 Now your lace is supposed to peal off the wax paper but for some reason mine did not. so instead of trying to fix it I just cut around the wax paper and left it stuck on there.
 Then I painted it with Gold paint
  and Added a ribbon
 Striped my baby naked and laid her on a bed. placed the crown on top and snapped away. believe it or not this was the only picture I got of Stella where she is not crying. She's not a fan of being in her birthday suit.
 and just because I can't get enough of how cute my youngest is here is a few more pictures

 I just want to eat her up!
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