Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Stella Josephine Taylor

When Father Hilary was here he led the mass that weekend. He talked about Elizabeth the mother of St. John the Baptist. He focused on the fact that they were going to name him Zachary after his father until an angel came to the parents and told them to call him John meaning God is gracious.  Father Hilary preached about how important our names are. They are the first glimpse of who we are as a person. What legacy our name will leave on this earth.
My husband wanted to name our third child since he had no say in the other two. He thought very hard and very long. I knew he would come up with something sweet and yet still strong for our baby girl. Then he told me he loved the name Stella and her middle name would be after the women that raised him his grandma Josephine. I thought it sounded perfect! I looked up the meanings behind the names and fell in love with it even more! Stella means star and Josephine means God will multiply. 

Stella Josephine Taylor
7:59 pm
6 lbs 15 oz
19 inches 
 I was scheduled to be induced at 2 pm that day. We arrived and got settled into our room. things were moving along slowly at first. The contractions were picking up but I felt like I could handle it. then the doctor said she wanted to go ahead and break my water. so if I wanted the epidural I should get it now. My grandma stopped by to give me and the new baby a present and while she was visiting the nurse checked me. This was an hour after my water was broken and I was a complete ten centimeters!! My grandma didn't know what to do. she decided to sit down. My husband came over to hold my hand and my mom got out the camera.


                                                                         Then she was here!

                                                               The next day Stella's big sisters came to meet her.
                                          Mommy played dress up with her for a little bit.
 Stella is nothing like her sisters so far. very mellow and content. I was fully preparing myself for round three of all nighters and constant crying. But Stella sleeps for 4-6 hours straight and when she's not asleep shes just looking around taking in the world. I am crazy about her head full of dark hair. she has Julia's chin and Belle's eyes and her daddy's ears. she's perfect! I love being her mommy and I am excited to watch her grow and become the star God added to our family :)

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