Friday, August 17, 2012


The other day I got home and saw this package on my door step! I love getting packages!!!
 I knew exactly what was inside and couldn't wait to open it! I placed it on my mantel and stepped back, I LOVE IT! and I admit I contemplated keeping it for myself, but then woke up from my day dreams and thought that would just be silly. It's not MY wedding picture! So I packaged it back up along with all the other wedding pictures and took a trip to the post office to mail it away to the lovely couple.
Here is a closer look at the canvas print, 
The text is actually the words to their first dance. Such a sweet song and great memory.

I sort of have a love affair with canvas prints. I guess it's the fact that it makes the picture look like a real piece of art. I have ordered from this company a few times and love them. great quality and great costumer support! plus they usually have a wonderful promotion running where you can get a free 8x10! here is the link in case you would like to print one OR better yet you can schedule a portrait session with me and then you will get an awesome print by me!

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