Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gym shoes

I hate running! I hate the cramps and the heavy breathing. I hate the mind games with myself to keep going "just to the end of this street, house, side walk line, two more steps.....o I give up!"
Plus any mommy will tell you that running is not the greatest idea after you have had kids becasue controlling your bladder is much harder!!! (just one of those things no one ever tells you about) I find running boring and very boring! 
I hate running!
I saw these awesome pictures on a blog that I love!! It look liked SO much fun! Wait a minute did I just say that? running and fun in the same sentance? well on second thought I didn't say it in the same sentance but you get it.
The Color Run is schedualed for Cincinnati on Oct. 6. the proceedes go to Leukemia and Lymphoma society. You run 5k in a white t-shirt and at certain markers of the race people though different color powder paint at you! Hello FUN!!! seriously FUN!
 So without really thinking about my hatred for running I signed up! and then realized I don't even own a pair of gym shoes! off to the store I went.
                                       (side note: I never wear matching socks)
I talked my husband into running with me and we started our "training" last week! I am so excited about this and hope I get over my hatered of running, but if I dont at least I will be proud that I tried something I hate and had fun in the process! 
I can not wait to post the pictures of us covered in paint!!!!!

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