Wednesday, November 21, 2012

make a difference! NOW!

As I was about to bring my Lil' Stella home from the hospital, My cousin Lindsay was on her way to the hospital to give birth to her first born.
this is the moment she had been waiting 9 months for
holding her son  Julien Ray for the first time.
 But that moment was cut short. 
The doctors  diagnosed Little Julian with VATER. which stands for Vertebrate Anus Trechea Esophagus Renal Syndrome. basically he was born with possible loop in his spine a tethered chord, no opening in his anus,  his esophagus was connected to the lung, and he has one functioning kidney. 
He was immediately taken to a children's hospital for surgery.

 He spent 18 days in the hospital recovering but that was only the first of many surgeries and hospital stays.
 The Doctors have high hopes that Julian will be a fully functioning normal little boy by his 2nd birthday. He has already proven his is a fighter and his parents have been there every step of the way to support and give lots of kisses when he needs them.
During the hospital stays Julian's mommy and daddy recieved much needed help from the Ronald Mcdonald house. 
There they are given a room, food, support, and consent updates on how their precious son is doing at times when they are not able to be with him. The cost is ten dollars a day, McDonald's understands the difficulties the many families face while they have a child in the hospital. so that ten dollars is a donation. Lindsay and Ricky have been able to help with the cost by collecting pop tabs!
Here is where you can help Julian and many other families with children that are fighting battles. 
I am asking that on this Thanksgiving everyone take two seconds and remove the pop tabs from the cans of soda or beer you will be enjoying and put them in a box, bag, jar anything! 
I will collect them from you (if your around the cincinnati area) and we will hand deliver them to the Ronald Mcdonald house where Julian's mommy and daddy have been recieving countless help from. 
We have a chance to really make a difference! 
and if you live in a different part of the country you can still collect your pop tabs and turn them into ANY Ronald Mcdonald house to help that location! 
So what do you say? Lets do this!
 Happy thanksgiving! I am grateful for my healthy family and grateful for the chance to make a difference for the families that need the support.

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  1. Thanks Kassondra made this Gma & Gpa cry...beautifully written and wonderful plea for all the RMH families nationwide.especially our JULIEN...much love!!


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