Tuesday, November 20, 2012

ending Fall

I wanted to share our thankful tree.
we started this last year 
and it's become one of the best parts of the day when we find out what everyone is thankful for.
Miss Belle got to join us this year since she could actually semi understand 
 here are some of my favorite thankful leaves
my husband calls me his trophy wife :)
 Belle always had the funniest random things she was thankful for
 Belle again
 Julia decided she wanted to group all of her leaves together on the same branch.
 Remember my fall list of things to do? well we completed almost everything so I thought I would share with you what we did
of course some fall crafts:

 Pumpkin waffles:
 Taking lots of walks: (Belle loves her hats)
 Tell scary stories:
 Make new scarfs
 Pick and eat apples
 Go to fall craft festivals
 More walking
 Date night for mommy and daddy
 get out winter clothes
 photo scavenger hunt
 Make Halloween costumes
 Hay ride
 Carve pumpkins

 Soccer games
rake leaves
Chili contest (really bad picture but I thought it was cool how it shows the motion)
 play in the leaves!

The only other thing left on our fall list of things to do is enjoy thanksgiving dinner.
I am excited that Fall is over because next come my second favorite season of the year! CHRISTMAS!

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