Tuesday, August 28, 2012

get mean!

I feel like I have finally achieved what I was put on this earth to become, A soccer mom!

 We all wore something green to support our Gators and headed down to the fields! I'm pretty sure I was more excited than The Julia :)
In fact she seemed really nervous! it was her first game and she untied her shoes three times and adjusted her shin guards over and over again. Usually she is a very out going social type person but the whole time she was distancing herself from her team mates and not saying much. I tried to stay up beat and positive to show her she will do great. She asked me if we could just go home!!!!!!
 Then the game started and my girl came alive!!!!

 I was a cheering screaming fool! Stella slept
 and Belle enjoyed her sucker

 At one point Julia was getting very confused because we were all cheering for her to kick it, go get the ball, run this way, and go go go! I could tell by the look on her face she was SO confused! and at one point on the verge of tears! then half time came. she needed to use the restroom so I walked her over to the porter potty and we had a real heart to heart mommy daughter conversation.
"Why is everyone yelling at me?"
"No one's yelling honey! we are cheering you on! we know how good you are and we are so proud!"
"Tell Jeri Lynn to stop telling me what to do!"
"I will. don't listen to Aunt Jeri listen to your coaches. and if you hear Jeri yelling and your getting frustrated again, just take it out on the other team. you get that ball and get mean!"

-OK that's not very Christian of me but in my defense The Julia does have a few anger issues bottled up inside of her and I want to help her channel that into something positive! That's the main reason we choose soccer over any other sport kids her age are playing! 
The whistle sounded off the next half and The Julia took off! Aunt Jeri yelled and Julia took out her anger:

Sorry you were the victim of my daughters rage and was pushed to the ground little girl! But I am one proud soccer mom!

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