Wednesday, August 29, 2012


We made our fall list of things to do last week but I wanted to fancy it up a little bit.

We cut out a brown paper bag
 Taped it to the back of a frame
 wrote out our list.
 I LOVE LOVE LOVE oil pastels!! They are so fun to use but not everyone understands why they are so awesome! so today I will show you:
 Fist I drew a pumpkin and then used the normal color for pumpkins Orange
now heres where the fun happens,
 next I got out a yellow for the highlights of the pumpkin
 then a tan color for the fading
 Green for darker shadows
 and red for the even darker areas
 this is the part where julia could help:
grab a tissue and just rub all over the colors. this helps blend everything together.
 I also did a leaf with the same technige. I love that there are so many colors and it looks almost real and like it took forever to color but really it was super easy and fast!
 I hung the frame in my chalk board hallway
 I actually don't like fall to much.(summer is my fav!) but looking at this list does get me excited!
 like my cute drawing?

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