Wednesday, February 29, 2012


With all his nice weather we have had lately I have been getting more and more anxious for my favorite time of the year! SUMMER! The warm weather, playing outside, picnics, swimming, drinking lemonade in my back yard. festivals, movies outside, and yard sales!!! I love yard sales!
Lat year I found this cabinet at a yard sale and I had to have it!!!!! it still needs a coat of paint but it's perfect for all my crafts. it sits in our living room/craft room/ playroom. (we spend a lot of time in this room)only problem It's so unorganized! So one day I got to work.

the best part of organizing all my stuff was finding things I forgot about and getting a new itch to start more crafts! My husband always jokes with me that I have about 10 crafts that are still in progress so why do I feel like I need to start more? my answer is.......just because! :)

I decided to help me complete my long list of projects I would tape some of the ideas to the inside of the doors. that way I see them and don't forget
I also found a few letters and cards that were sent to me from my family back in Uganda! I had to showcase those!!!

I am still debating on how I want to decorate our multifunction room. I am leaning toward yellow but I am not completely sold on it yet, so It my still be a while before this cabinet gets painted. At least I know it's organized :)

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