Tuesday, February 28, 2012

my kind of shopping

I got the idea for the cake reveal of the sex for the baby from my mama! But she had to work that night so she wasn't able to be there. to make it up to me, we went Thrift store shopping!!!!!!!
So my mom, sister, sister's friend and Miss Belle set off for a full day of fun!

Here is some of the interesting things we found:

old records turned into bowls! (my brother Jarrod would like them)
I loved this purse I am having a recent bird craze. I don't know why but I really like anything that has birds on it. I am thinking about decorating one of the rooms in our house with birds.
We found a very environment conscious store that sold reusable pads for that special time of the month. interesting............ I think we might have offended the clerk because we were laughing so hard! I do have to admit they were pretty but I couldn't bring myself to actually buy one. sorry mother nature.
My favorite bins in the world! SUPER CHEEP STUFF! I found a really pretty dress for only 3 dollars! but I don't think my growing belly would fit in it in the spring time :(
There was a really pretty decorated shelf not for sale I loved all the colors! made me thing about a certain desk in my hallway I might paint :)
One things for sure we had a lot of laughs picking out some really goofy things! this is one of them:
I love the candy corn eyebrows!

I am a huge fan of hats!!! I really wish it was a huge trend here to wear really cool colorful hats! maybe I will just start doing it and hope it catches on
LOOK Belle is with me on the hats!
My favorite thing I found was this pretty double sided booth! I dream of having a booth in our kitchen!
My sister is still at the age were she will not shop at second hand stores.She is defiantly the preppy one in our family :) She was so embarrassed by everything we actually thought about buying. Remember my love for posting embarrassing pictures of family members? This for all the eye rolling you gave me! :)
I did actually buy one thing :)
A newborn Dress for our new baby girl to come home from the hospital in! I keep looking at it and thinking about how little it is!
I had so much fun with some of my favorite people!

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