Monday, February 27, 2012

sneek peek, birthday, and school dance!

I have had an insane crazy weekend full of up's and up's and then a down but fallowed by tons more UP'S!!!!! I will share more details this week but for now here's a few previews:

Today is my Hubby's Birthday and Just because I love posting embarrassing pictures of my family here's one of Brian:
On Friday The Julia had her first school dance! Now I know what your thinking because everyone told me this, I know she's just in first grade and it was more of a school party with games and treats and they played music the whole time. The Julia promised me she wouldn't dance with a boy :)
She was so excited! She picked out a dress to wear and wanted me to curl her hair! That never happens! We have a deal that I get to do her hair for holidays, birthdays, and picture days but other than that she wont let me touch it! I think even if it wasn't a fancy REAL dance, my baby (er I mean big) girl was the best looking one there!

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