Thursday, August 23, 2012

lunch box

Last week Me and The Julia went on our annual back to school mommy-daughter date. I love spending one on one time with her picking out all the supplies she will need and talking about all the things she's excited for or nervous about in 2nd grade!
I wanted to try and save a little bit of money on certain things she could reuse. So we got out her old lunch box. The stickers have completely worn off but the box itself was in perfect condition.
 So we got out some supplies and Julia picked out the scrap book paper she like the best.
 I cut it to size and sprayed it with spray adhesive. (I cleaned it off afterwards so it would be safe for food to be packed in)
 Then we added stickers
 The Julia on her first day of second grade! *tear
saving all that money by re-using an old lunch box, I got to spend it on new craft supplies! a pack of new crayons is only a quarter right now! So I bought ten them! I love crayons!

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