Friday, August 31, 2012


 Grandma Jo was gone on vacation all summer long to visit her daughter in Delaware. We missed her a lot! When she came back home she couldn't wait to give the girls new dresses. These were special one though they were made by a company called beachbumz gifts.  the lady used vintage pillow cases! two things i love! really old stuff and things no one else would think to use!
 Since I am pretty sure there isn't a pillow case the right size to make a dress for Stella she wore a vintage outfit a friend got her, for the pictures. I was so excited to take these and email them to the lady that made them. I bought the girls bubbles to keep them happy since they are pretty sick of my camera being in their faces all the time.

I had envisioned them playing and dancing in the field of over grown grass some beautiful sun glares behind them and laughter on the faces of my gorgeous girls. but shorty after this next picture was taken they all had enough. crying and temper tantrums fallowed.....
it would have made a 'perfect picture'. 
but what my girls forget is that taking pictures is my job! and the camera will always be there ready to go the next time I have the 'perfect picture' idea in my head!

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