Monday, October 1, 2012

Photo bomb from September

The photographer in me never stops! everywhere I look I automatically think about pictures. This location would be really neat, I could stick a baby inside that bucket, or That dress she's wearing would look really cute in pictures! It's probably not safe to drive with me because these thoughts are always running threw my head as I look down ally ways and the colors of the bricks on sides of buildings. I am always thinking up different photo ideas. That's why its so hard for me to decide if I should just cart around my big good camera and lens every where or just save myself from the hassle and just use my cell phone camera. If I didn't have babies it probably would be different since I wouldn't be juggling my purse a diaper bag a pumpkin car seat and also trying to hold a two year old hand that thinks it's a game to run out into the street!!!! I try to remind myself that one day I will miss all this.
Anyway I thought I would share all the pictures I took from my cell in the month of September: (if you are friends with me on face book some of these you have already seen)

 top left over 1.mommy daddy and Stella at the fireworks 2.Belle wearing mascara 3. Belle tired of the car 
                    4.Julia reading at the dinner table 5. Mohawk 6. does this diaper make my butt look big onsie
                  7.Heart shape cut on finger 8. her pirate look 9. silly faces
 1. gas 2. poor baby 3. we found Mary in the grass
4. electric company 5. her pig 6. sleeping
7. playing with plastic bags 8. toes 9. Julia drew her favorite people her mommy and daddy
 1.apples 2.morning kisses 3. lazy
4. snuggles 5. more snuggles 6. beef stroganoff
7. relax 8. thinking  9. loves her hats
 1. morning coffee 2. lunch date 3. Korben 
4. a breast feeding truck 5. guard dog 6. loves to snuggle with daddy
7. my husband did this 8. snuggles with jerky 9. hanging window stickers
1. mask 2. new friends 3. sister kisses
4. ice cream with "Mangul" 5. LOVE these 6. cheeks
7. waiting 8. birthday cookies 9. Justin bieber gave her his heart!

I didn't realize we have a lot of snuggle time around here :)

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