Monday, October 8, 2012

The color run

I asked my husband if he had a bucket list.
He said no.... He's boring (j/k honey :P)
Well I do and I have been so blessed to have already at the young age of 26 to cross things off of my list.
One of those items was to run a 5K.
But this 5K was different.............................

 My husband is NOT a morning person and I made him get up at 4:30 am

This is our first run and a week before I had bought shorts for us to wear. but the temp outside was in the 30's I think, it was just way to cold to wear shorts and we didn't own any running pants so we wore jeans lol we felt silly but at least we looked silly together :)

it said start so we stood there
We then realized the 6:00 suggested arrival time was just not necessary 
and we stood around for a while......

 My husband was super jealous of the man that lived in this apartment. he had on his pj's and robe drinking hot coffee and just watching us crazy people running in the early cold morning....
 They were throwing free stuff to the crowd and Brian caught some sun glasses
 Then it was time to put up the starting rope..........we thought we had gotten into the back of the line but in actuality we were in the front!!!!!
 This was my view... the news cameras taping me!!!!!!
here I am in my jeans about to fun my first 5K and I was first in line to start the run! I overheard Brian say a prayer asking God not to let us get trampled on!
 The race started and we immediately ran off to the side to let the more hard core runners ahead of us. we started jogging at a good pace and after we hit our first color throw marker I was ready to walk a little but Brian was pumped and wanted to keep running! I was in shock! He was so excited and he did awesome! I on the other hand needed a potty break toward the end so we got off and headed to the porter potties. then we ran the last leg of the run. The run is not a race, in fact they don't time anyone. I just knew that the race had started at 8:00 (since I was in the front) and we crossed the finish line at 8:47! I am pretty proud of our time considering. I am extremely proud of my husband the whole time he kept talking about next year we will do this and bring this and next year , and next year. I think I might have started something......

 After the run we went to the stage.
 every fifteen minutes everyone gets out their bags of color and throws it in the air. creating a cloud of color powder. IT WAS AWESOME!

 This is was we looked like at the end
This was the first year the color run was hosted in Cincinnati and all the money raised went to the leukemia and lymphoma society. I herd threw the grape vine that over 10,000 people were running! That's amazing! and I am grateful that God made sure those 10,000 people  didn't trample over us at the beginning! 
can't wait till next year!!!!

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