Tuesday, October 9, 2012

camping smooches

This year we decided to do a camping theme.
 complete with campfire smores and tents

 Then we headed out to the park.
 I will never forget this shot! I had to climb a tree while they figured out how to squeeze everyone on a blanket below me.
 I lust absolutely love this family! obviously a lot of them come from different backgrounds but after spending even ten minutes with them you forget about their past because they truly are a family.  they love, laugh, share, tease, fight, get jealous, worry and help each other just like any other blood siblings would. 
Bob and Margie are amazing parents! and they have some amazing kids!
My absolute favorite moment of the whole night was when I had them wrap each other up in a blanket I picked my camera up and all the kids were behind me telling their mom and dad to "smooch"  "big smooch!" "awe!" "kissy kissy" their parents were trying so hard not to bust out laughing. I just love how much the kids wanted to see their parents love on each other. warms my heart!

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