Wednesday, October 10, 2012

what would you do?

I was singing a song in my head while pumping gas and making silly faces at the girls sitting inside the van staring at me.  I overheard a group of teenagers crossing the street from the high school into the gas station. They were all goofing off and being a little too loud. I stared at the numbers on the screen telling me that gas really was costing me an arm and a leg! The leader of the pack of teenagers yelled at a girl walking their way. 
"where is my money?" He said raising his voice even louder.
the girl walked up until they were face to face  in front of my van. 
"Boo I don't have your money?"." she said giggling.
 He then wrapped one arm around her body and the other he placed behind her head. I happened to look up at them and met eyes with the boy. His eyes were cold and angry. it caught me off guard and I stood there frozen. he gave a little smirk and then grabbed a chunk of hair from the young lady and pulled her backwards with a decent amount of force She said ow and then giggled some more.  the boy was still staring at me with almost a look of  'I dare you to say something to me'
I was still frozen. until the laughter coming from miss Belle inside the car woke me up. I quickly hung the handle back into it's place at the pump and jumped inside. The boy let go of the girls hair and she laughed. I grabbed my keys and started the car but in the corner of my eyes I saw the couple kiss.
I just shook my head in discuss and worry.
I then began to put the car in drive when Julia said. "Mommy aren't you going to do something?"
Her words cut me like a knife.
Julia has witnessed a lot of bad domestic violence in her past and she remembers all of it. She had talked to counselors and often tells us her worries and memories of that time in her life. 
I knew the scene we had just witness would bring back those memories and fears she still has today. 
"Honey I probably should have said something. I don't know why I didn't. But that doesn't mean what the guy just did was OK. because It is not. I know they were laughing but hurting people is not a joke. you don't treat someone you love like that. that is not love. and promise me if anyone ever hurts you you will tell someone and stay away from them."
She just nodded her head yes. I held her hand the rest of the car ride to soccer.
I don't know if I handled the situation the best way. The more I think about it the more I wish I would have had the courage to stand up and say something to that boy or even if I had fallowed the young lady into the store when she was alone and talked to her. I feel like one of those people I get mad at on the show 'what would you do' because they do nothing. 
 My husband says I beat myself up to much. it probably would not have been safe if I did speak up.
I pray that my girls take my words to heart and never stay into a relationship that is anything but loving. I hope they are more brave than me and stand up for others that need it.

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