Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Wedding registry

When we were planning our wedding, one of the best parts is when we went to register for our gifts.
I usually hate registries. I almost feel like it's rude and ruined any surprise of opening presents.
but someone told me to do it anyway and just have fun with it.
So one night Brian and I went on a date to target and sears and bed bath and beyond. 
with laser guns in our hands we set out to scan any and everything we "needed" 
we scanned boxes of macaroni and cheese, coloring books, sun glasses, baby romper, mouse pad, and tons more!
I remember laughing so hard that night wondering what people were going to say when they saw our wedding registry.
as we walked into the kitchen section Brian started scanning all the ugly bright red appliances. we were in tears over why would someone want a red microwave! We like blue. lol

when my bridal shower rolled around I opened up a present and much to my surprise someone bought me the ugly bright red knife set!
 3 and a half years later, we still have it and it get's used almost everyday! despite the color, I need knifes, so I got over it. 
Then one day I found on Pinterest someone had painted the wood base of their knife set. 
(I would show you the original post of that but the website is not working)

I am extremely sorry if you were the person that purchased my knife set. I can't remember who you are.  we did like it and shared tons of laughs over the fact that we didn't think anyone would actually buy something off of our list.and now that I painted the base my favorite blue

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