Monday, November 12, 2012

worried sick

Last week Julia had her end of the soccer season award show. 
all the players got to go on stage and receive awards.
They let the youngest kids go first and worked their way up.
Belle was so excited!
 She clapped for every player.

Julia was upset because she didn't think they were ever going to say her name.

 Belle was starting to worry too.
"Julia Taylor." Her coach said.
 Yeah Julia!
I snapped her picture and then turned around to see my husband covered in vomit!
"what happened?"
"I have no idea she was clapping for Julia and then this!"
We gathered all of our things, found a janitor and took off! 
Belle had no fever and was acting completely normal.
I was so confused! The only thing I can think of was that she was so worried her sister would get looked over on getting her award that she became worried sick.
and Again this motherhood thing is nothing like I expected it to be like........

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