Tuesday, December 25, 2012

a christmas surprise

 Sometimes I have photo sessions that are to remain a big secret. especially around the holiday season. I mean what better present than a picture of your loved ones for Christmas?
one of my favorite families I get to photograph wanted to do something special for their parents. This was way harder than we thought it would be. originally we were going to head to a park and take pictures but who knew a mother of 10 would rather NOT leave her children for a little time alone!!! finally the kids talked her into getting a quick dinner with dad. 
I drove up to their house seeing that the parents had not left yet so I parked down the street and waited until they pulled out and were long gone. Then I made my move!
We all took off out side lined up and each one took turns writing their thank you message and posing for their close up.
we were racing with the sun and the fear that maybe the parents would come home early.
once everyone was done I took off!
about half way home I was rethinking what was actually written on each chalk board and I seriously had to pull over and find a tissue. I just LOVE this group!!!!
from top left to right
1 thank you for using all your muscles
2. thank you mom and dad for helping me with my leg
3. Thank you for putting up with me
4 thank you for always being encouraging and supportive
5 thank you for caring for me
6 thank you for loving me mom and dad
7. thanks for starting again
8 thank you for everything you do for me
9. thank you for working hard so I can play sports
10. Thank you for teaching and mentoring us we love you!

I hope your Christmas was perfect and filled with so much love and happiness. 
Mine sure was :)

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