Tuesday, January 29, 2013

bloody period artist

back in Jr. High I was given an assignment use use any household object to make a snow scene on a piece of blue construction paper. 
my imagination got the best of me and I glued coffee filters, cotton balls, napkins, tin foil all over that paper.
 I was so proud of myself, when I turned in my project. It really looked like a snowy mountain with a lake and a pretty moon.
 later while going to lunch the teacher asked all the girls to stand in the hallway while the boys went ahead. she needed to discuss something with us.
We all stood there wondering what she was going to say.
"Someone used a feminine product in their snowy scene art project! this is very inappropriate and this individual will be getting an F."
of course being the age that we were we all started giggling and looking around to see who it could have been.
"When I pass the project back to you this afternoon I will face this one project upside down. I except this person to put it into their book bag and I never want to hear about this again. understood!"
We all agreed but I couldn't help but notice Mrs. Bihr staring right at me!
of course the girls told all the boys about the feminine product art supply. by the time everyone got back to class there were so many rumors about who it was and what was used.
I knew with out a doubt it wasn't me so I played along with the rumors and probably started a few myself.
Then Mrs. Bihr walked around the class with her stack of papers. she got to my desk looked at me and shook her head. I was completely confused.
it was like time was going in slow motion
The blue paper in her hand slowly turned over and she placed in lightly onto my desk faced down!! Every single person in the class turned all the way around and saw my paper upside down!
I was the "bloody period artist?!"
no! I would never have used anything like that what is she talking about?
I turned it over and made sure I had the right project.
my tin foil lake, cotton ball  mountain and pretty moon
wait! then it hit me my moon!
my moon!!
it wasn't a feminine product!
stupid teacher!
it's a eye patch!!!!!!
I was horrified and all the kids were already laughing and whispering. I wanted to run away and blurry my head in a hole.
I never told Mrs. Bihr she had it completely wrong and I just stopped talking to all the kids that laughed at me.
looking back I wish I would have stood up for myself. I did nothing wrong so why did I just sit back and take that? 

The Julia came home last week with her monthly project report
this month they are learning about Arctic animals
she had to make a snowy scene with her choice of animal.
she choose the penguin.
I had flashback nightmares!
my daughter will not go through what I did!
I double checked every item she choose to include in her project and made sure it wouldn't get mistaken for anything else.

I think she did a great job! 
she was so proud of herself
she practiced in front of all of us over and over reading her report about what penguins eat, look like, where they live and how they play.
they next day she was practically jumping up and down ready to leave for school to show off her masterpiece.
I was tempted to keep her home just in case she had a stupid teach that would mistake any supply she used and embarrass her and basically scar her for life!
But I kissed my baby girl and sent her to the wolves.
When I picked her up from school she had the biggest smile on her face! 
"mommy I got an A!!"

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