Monday, January 21, 2013


this Weekend we went to an Ice show.
Well actually it was over when we got there becasue of all days to hold the show they held it on the warmest winter day of the season! it was in the mid 50's 
to me that's still cold
but the ice was melting fast!
We  walked around trying to guess what each sculpture was.
Lincoln's head melted off
the effile tower was half gone
but I still had fun taking pictures

 then I just started snapping at other random things

 even though it wasn't really cold we still stopped and got some hot chocolate

 this picture is far from perfect but I am in love with it. Belle wanted nothing to do with posing with her sisters.
they are having a photo contest for the pictures taken of the ice show. I am thinking of entering one of the top three pictures in this post. anyone have a favorite? I am stumped as to which one I like best.

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