Tuesday, January 22, 2013

The winner is.....

I held a  little giveaway challenge these past couple of days.
I wanted to reach a goal on my Facebook photography page. I needed to have 300 "likes"
and for every person that "shared" my page was entered into a hat 
the winner receives a free photo session!
it was down to the wire!
we had 2 minutes left and I was 4 people away from 300!
i flooded everyone's news feed and i am not sorry :)
at 6:00 I hit 302!!!!!
and as silly as it was I felt so relieved and excited! 
it's pretty silly I guess 
but for my business it means I can reach more people and grow
so to keep up my end of the challenge here is the winner:
(sorry it's sideways)

Thank you guys SO much for all the support
you have no idea what it means to me that so many people believe in me and my work
lately I have been beating myself up and wondering if I am really being realistic with my dreams
you helped ALOT! 
and Miss Rowe check your messages I will be sending you all the info about your free session!!!

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