Wednesday, January 23, 2013

just pose!

While I was taking Stella's 6 month pictures last week I wanted to update a picture of all three of my girls
that's way easier said than done.
you would think with the camera being in their face 24-7 they could handle one posed picture
I got this one but it's extremely blurry and I wasn't all that cray about the look on Stella's face. 
 Then Belle decided she wanted to act all 2 year old on me and be uncooperative

 So I tried a different tactic. "give Stella a kiss on the cheek"
 obviously I forgot to tell her with out putting your hand on her face!
 So I just settled for a simple picture of their feet
I wrote a bible verse I have seen many times the describes how God made us
I will try again another time to get a cute updated picture of my three angels :)

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