Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Kendell's warmth

Meet the Patrick family.

Their story is one of  loss and a way to turn that loss into good.
Stephanie and Brian were on top of the world when they were pregnant with their first child. His mommy would dream about the little boy she had growing inside her and to keep her occupied she learned how to crochet. she wanted to make her baby a blanket to keep him warm at night. little did she know how much that blanket would actually change her life.
at 20 weeks pregnant God called Kendell home.
Stephanie's world came crashing down.
but her faith and Brian helped her get through this dark time and turned it into something truly amazing.
 Stephanie took her new little hobby and now makes blankets and hats then sends them all over the country for grieving mommies in memory of the babies lost way to soon. She does this with no commission or sometimes even knowing the family that needs them. just to let someone going through the hardest thing imaginable have some comfort. and something tangible to say I had a child that is no longer here and this was their blanket.

Stephanie and Brian now have two beautiful children here with them. here is baby mason wrapped up in his Big brother Kendell's blanket.

 Stephanie needs help in order to keep making these blankets and giving a small but very meaningful gift to so many. Stephanie sometimes has to take out of her own pocket to purchase the yarns and needles. so I am asking anyone that has yarn that is just sitting in that pile of things you never get around to crafting. please consider donating it. I will pick them up and personally make sure Stephanie receives the supplies. you can visit the Facebook page here or email me at
My wonderful readers have come through time and time to help others and I know you can do it again!

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