Monday, April 1, 2013


Breast Feeding is the best!
here is the list of all the reasons I choose to Breast feed my two birth daughters (that sounds so funny to say)
When Belle was 8 months old I had to stop cold turkey.
I was on my way to Africa and as much research that I did to help prepare me for my trip I did absolutely none on the effects the immunizations would have on my breast milk.
 It was going to poison it.
 I had my doubts but
 after I had gotten the shots I went home and pumped and my milk was green!!! so Miss Belle was given formula.

This time around things are different.
I am not going to Africa and even though I am sad about that I was looking forward to breast feeding longer. 
Well that was until three little pearly white teeth broke threw the gums of my Stella Bug.
I have tried all the tricks everyone suggested 
I told her no Biting! 
she smiled at me
I flicked her cheek 
big smile
I made her stop eating
It's hard for me because now I am so nervous 
it feels like she's going to bite off my nipple she chops so hard
I talked it over with my momma
since she knows everything there is to know about breast feeding :P
I am going to slowly ween her 
we are starting off with one bottle at night for a week or two and then go from there.

But the problem is I feel like I am giving her powder fake processed milk.
I have so much guilt
I keep thinking I should just tough it out and let her bite me
but I can't, it hurts
now before all you formula feeding moms jump on my case
I am not saying your a bad mom for feeding your child formula from the start.
I just know the facts that breast milk is the best for both baby and mom
and my guilt is just me being me
I feel guilty about a lot of things I shouldn't 
like going to the grocery store by myself or buying myself new shoes instead of the kids a third pair
my hope is that 
things will get easier and just for now and for this reason only the next couple of months go fast so I can just give her regular cows milk and all this will go away.

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