Tuesday, June 18, 2013


11 months
she's pulling herself up
blows kisses
brushes her hair
puts her hands up in the air when we say "so big!"
stands up in her crib
loves walking around in her walker
eats EVERYTHING and would probably eat like 8 meals a day if we fed her that much
yet she doesn't seem to want to fatten up
she's gonna be just like her momma 
I love to eat but never really gain weight.
I know, such horrible problems to have right? 
I am not complaining but when it comes to her it make me nervous, but the doctor says shes healthy and in my heart I know it.

I hate to see her get older but I am excited to plan her birthday party and celebrate her
because she has been such a blessing in our lives and most days she is what keeps me calm and reminds me to not stress out that God is watching over us and will take care of our needs. I am so in love with this little girl and so thankful to be her mommy!

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