Tuesday, June 18, 2013

vacation from facebook

I am going on Vacation!

 sort of.
This year has been hard on me.
I joined a group of photographers earlier in the year in hopes to get feedback and tips and just learn from others in the field
but all I got was negative 
bad mouthing other photographers, clients, and just not what I needed in my life.
I started second guessing everything I did and what was making me happy.
I felt like I was  going backwards and was not good enough.
I felt amaturish.
this was wrong and that was wrong and there was no hope for me and my work.
I tried to block those things but it still lingered in my brian.
my family and friends would always be there to support me and my clients would continue to spred word and give me great refrences. I truely apprechiate it!  you have no idea how much your kind words have ment to me. and to all those "professional" photographers that don't act "professional" Thanks becasue really all you did was push me to work harder and prove you wrong.
so what does this have to do with my vacation?
we I am taking a break from facebook, emailing, blogging, and pretty much internet all together for 2 weeks! 
don't worry if you are recent clients and need me I will still be working on your pictures and getting orders ready for you. 
I just feel like I need this break to really figure out what I want. spend more time with my family, not stress over people that don't matter and rediscover what I love to do and why I love it! 
so this is the last post for two weeks but I promise when I get back I will be happier and better!

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