Thursday, June 6, 2013

family reunion

 it's been a long time since all four of my mom's children were under the same roof.
My super hero Brother is stationed in Alabama and my super smart brother just finished his masters in Math up at Kent state. so When Gage was on leave Jarrod made sure he could carve out a few days to come visit too.
we celebrated this rare occurrence at dinner with my dad then we headed back to my moms for smores.

It's funny to think back when we were little and how much we fought and got on each others nerves.
slamming door, screaming at each other, driving my mom nuts!
now I would give anything to spend more time with them.
Jarrod has always had the brains but he also has these idea that just seem rediculas but makes you want to try it out anyway. he's never dull.
Gage is probably the funniest person you will ever meet. he gets along with everyone and make you feel like his best friend. 
Jeri lynn is our baby that we all feel responsible for and she like to rebel against us as much as she can but deep down she depends on us :P
They are so protective 
and doing some great things with thier lives.
to say I am proud is really an understatement.

This family reunion was supposed to happen last christmas but the Army likes to change things last minute.
But befor that we had planned to do a christmas present for our mom. we wanted to recreate her favorite picture of us. 
it's from a family vacation to the niagra falls back when I think I was 13 or 14?
we went out to dinner and were waiting for a table. so mom pulled out her camera and snapped it.
she used this photo as our christmas card and framed it and it still sits on her mantle in the living room to this day.
it's so funny to see how much we changed and yet how much we still look the same.......
so merry LATE Christmas mommy :P
I grew up with these three crazy people
and it's becasue of them I will always look back and say I had a great childhood.
I only hope my own daughters stay as close to each other as we have. 

p.s. I do have three other sisters and brother that mean the world to me. I don't want to forget about them. they know I love them just the same. :P
and if daddy wants us to recreate a photo of all his kids we will. 
just want to put that out there so I don't feel bad.

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