Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Findlay market

We have a really cool place here in Cincinnati called Findlay Market
it's kind of a local farmers market but HUGE and beautiful and like a festival all the time!!
well that is all the time unless we decide to go......

I always wanted to take the girls here
and one day I actually had the chance
so we went
hardly anyone was open and no one was shopping......

So we walked around and then the girls wanted to ride this
Julia was so excited and then once she got on it she felt kind of silly
she said I think I am getting to big for this kind of thing
knife in the heart!
"Your never too big for a quarter pony ride! now pretend your a cowgirl for my picture!" :P

next time I will plan better and make sure we go at a time where they are actually open maybe :P
but in the mean time I actually like the way the pictures don't have random strangers in the background

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